Sun-kissed Candle

Sun-kissed Candle

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The Sun-kissed Candle has a beautiful aroma of sunshine raining down on a floral field of goodness. It contains real rose petals, rose buds, and carnation flowers.  This scent isn't your average floral smell, it smells like fresh spring and will leave your house smelling wonderful no matter what season it is! Get a little sunshine in your home, get Sun-Kissed!

Base Scent NotesPear, Orange, Apple, Bergamot.
Top Scent Notes: Rose, Gardenia, Carnation.

Container: Glass (Lid Included)

Size: 16 Oz (28 oz with Jar)
Wick: 100% Cotton Braid.
Wax: 100% Paraffin wax blend.

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