Midnight Candle

Midnight Candle

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The Midnight series has become a fan favorite, so it was only right that we make a candle too! This candle features the signature all black color with our special Midnight blend profile. We're sure that the tantalizing warm blend of myrrh, dragon's blood, patchouli, paired up with precious notes of rose and jasmine, kissed with faint woodsy musk. This candle smells like no other, and will continue to maintain a staple in Lathercraft's ranks.

Base Scent NotesMyrrh, Dragon's Blood, Patchouli.
Mid Scent Notes: Woodsy Musk
Top Scent Notes: Rose, Jasmine.

Container: Glass (Lid Included)

Size: 16 Oz (28 oz with Jar) 
Wick: 100% Cotton Braid. 
Wax: 100% Paraffin wax blend.

*  This candle is not eligible for scent or color augmentation due to it's signature color and scent.

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