Custom Order Bath Bomb
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Custom Order Bath Bomb

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Want a bath bomb, but don't really see it at Lathercraft? Look no further! We always offer a customization on our bath bombs! When you order this, it covers any size bath bomb up to 7.5 oz. This includes any special ingredient request, colors, scent blends, shapes, and if you want to have an additive (flowers, glitters, etc.) or art painted on the bath bomb.

When ordering, please include a method of contact. The most preferable way is an e-mail (especially with international orders).  If you are ordering more than 4 custom bath bombs, or want a large order, please contact us directly for bulk pricing options available.

When ordering, please include:
  • Size: Large (7.5 Oz) | Medium (4.5 Oz) | Small (2.5 Oz)
  • Shape: Round | Half Round | Cone | Heart |
  • Color(s): Anywhere from 1 - 3 Colors are ideal.
  • Scent Desired: Your decision! If we don't have it, we can get it!
  • Additives: Flowers, Salts, Charcoal, Art.
  • Packaging: Special packaging required (such as gift)?

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