About Lathercraft

Founded in 2017

Lathercraft was founded in 2017 in the end of summer in Jacksonville, Florida. While we may seem new, by no means are our skill or artistic abilities aren't honed from years of practice and patience. The founders of Lathercraft, Randall and Ashley Barbee, had been thinking of an idea of how Ashley could express her artistic self and help others at the same time. It took years for this idea to finally reach fruition, and once it did, Lathercraft was ultimately born in the belly of the Barbee home.

It started at a few trial and errors, Mrs. Barbee would not stop until she was completely satisfied with her first few small batches. Once she had perfected her recipes, she began to churn out a slew of soaps, bath bombs and whatever else she could possibly tinker with. At first, it was only a few bars of soap that was sold. Here and there, she tried with all her might to create things. She knew that her artistic ability wasn't going to be under appreciated... she knew people just didn't know about Lathercraft! 

Today, Mrs. Barbee continues to make small batched, handcrafted items with the loving eye and fawning touch that items from a store no longer possess. She wanted to create products that every walk of life would like, enjoy, and know the true meaning of skin loving goodness. While Mrs. Barbee creates, Mr. Barbee isn't too far from her, always helping with procurement, sales, inventory, and stocking. All the while, their two sons always eager to help, smell and enjoy the love their parents rain down upon them.


Lathercraft's Founders

CEO | Ashley Barbee

Ashley Barbee

 Our loving creator, product artisan, resident artist, social media guru, and website designer is Mrs. Ashley Barbee. There are a lot of people who have known her over the years and known of her talents and many facets. She is a very family oriented person, who has a large heart and loves her husband and two sons dearly. Ashley came to create Lathercraft as a desire to use her talents, to help others, and help herself because she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Mrs. Barbee had acquired this condition from a severe wreck that she had experienced. She is an outspoken advocate of this condition and support buddy to many friends who share this same condition. Previously, Ashley has worked as a semi-truck driver.

CEO | Randall Barbee

Randall Barbee

The other founder of Lathercraft is Ashley's husband, Randall. While he doesn't do any of the creative processes, he is Ashley's go-to for ingredient sourcing, purchasing, sales, inventory, and stocking. He is also Ashley's biggest supporter and fan, always encouraging her along side their boys. Randall is an avid gaming lover, which is why Ashley has came up with items that are geared towards individuals who enjoy games. Randall previously worked as a semi-truck driver (with Ashley), but currently is a CDL Instructor at a tech university in Jacksonville until business demands otherwise.

 Together, they are a team to be reckoned with! They are a couple that has been friends since childhood, worked together, been married over 10 years, have two children, and are going to stand as co-CEO's for Lathercraft.


Lathercraft's Mission

Our mission is to consistently create and offer a creative range of luxurious, unique, and exceptional bath and body products using time-honored, traditional, and some new age recipes to provide products that are wholesome, skin loving, and encourage you to not only treat yourself, but others too! 

  • We wanted to have something for everyone, from all walks of life, can appreciate and use. To admire the artwork, the beauty of items that can happen with small batched, handmade items.
  • We want to encourage an appreciation of a daily bathing ritual and skin loving regime. This is done through our product's visual and other sensory experiences. 
  • Lathercraft's soaps truly differ from store bought products and other big chain products because of the level of care, the lack of harsh chemicals, and the attention to detail we always have. If we wouldn't use it, we won't sell it to you.
  • We strive to always use the finest, freshest natural ingredients. We refuse to use Palm Oil in our soaps and other products. We only use 100% Vegan products, and we are animal cruelty free. We love the planet, and will continue to not support the deforestation of our world's rain forests to harvest palm oils.
  • Lathercraft will always consistently exceed customer expectations by anticipating their needs, desires and dreams, and will always try to go above and beyond by offering unparalleled levels of service to its customers.

Our Inspiration

Lathercraft's inspiration comes from many different sources. Some of it is nature and how beautiful it is. Some of it is from games, movies, TV series, which amounts to fun items. Other times, it is simply whatever the creators are feeling at the moment to make, and she lets her imagination run wild! 

Another good source of our inspiration is our customers. This can be either by way of custom orders made especially for them, or by way of suggestions and dedication to the brand we have created. We take these responses into consideration when we decide to make new things or tweak an item a certain way. We love our customers, and we know they love Lathercraft.


Our Dreams

The dreams our founders had for Lathercraft, is to become bigger than ever expected. For people to be educated why they shouldn't use a detergent on their skin, and to why their products are entirely different. At the moment, we are a budding company. We pour our hearts into these items, our struggles, our love. We spent countless hours formulating, hypothesizing, and carefully creating products that will nourish your skin. When you buy from Lathercraft, you're not buying a third vacation home for a money-hungry CEO of a big corporation. You're buying locally, made in the good 'ole U.S.A., made with love and care. You're helping us take care of our family. Of our boys. You're helping put food on the table, clothing on the backs of our children. You help make Christmas memorable, and birthdays fun for them. You're helping fulfill the American Dream, because for so long... this has just been a dream. And many nights, our Founders and their boys pray - pray for God to lead us in our business, to help guide us and direct us in our endeavors. Our faith is steadfast, and we are slowly starting to see the fruits of our labor.

Our first goal is to become well known in our community, and get an actual store-front. For now, we'll settle and continue with our humble beginnings. God bless!


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