"Why is your soap so expensive?" There are reasons why...

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Why is your soap so expensive?

 It almost never fails, I hear someone wondering - almost complaining - about the prices of handmade soap.  They like the look, the smell, the feel of the handmade soap I offer freely to anyone who wishes to purchase it.  But the second they see the price? " No, that's too much... I could buy a whole pack of soaps for that price! " While this might be true, you can get a surplus of soap from the Big Soap stores, but you get something you can't get from those store bought soaps: quality over quantity.

Everyday I can be asked, "Why is your soap more expensive than [blank]'s soap?" You know, there are reasons why my handmade soaps are more expensive than these big soap store bought soaps.  There are a plethora of factors, so let me go over it for you.

    • I make small batches of soap. As a small business, I can only afford to purchase small quantities of ingredients as compared to a Big Store Soap (although, I may purchase more than an actual hobbyist). Big Store Soaps are purchasing their materials by the truck loads! Because they order so much, they get what we call bulk pricing which is typically way cheaper than when I buy my ingredients. Because these Big Store Soaps get their materials at a fraction of the cost of my materials, they can afford to lower their bottom line price for an item. This is only just one factor of the puzzle.
    • The main ingredient is 100% coconut oil. Have you seen the price for pure coconut oil? While some of you may think it's cheap, we use a high grade coconut oil. In addition to this main ingredient, we use other things that are equally expensive such as jojoba oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and even lye to create the soap.
    • I use high end ingredients. Have you ever noticed after buying a pack of that Big Store Soap that it says 'Beauty Bar' on the side? That's because by the time they're done making and processing it, it isn't really soap anymore.  A beauty bar is not soap, it's just something to dry you out.
    • I don't use fillers or foaming agents. Big Store Soap will often add a lot of foaming agents or fillers to make their soaps 'suds' more and to make their ingredients go farther. These fillers are cheap, and harsh to the skin.
    • It takes longer to produce handmade soap vs. Big Store Soap. This is because when I make soap, it's made completely from scratch. It's planned out in advance, all the ingredients are sourced and measured carefully. It's mixed, made, poured, left to cure 24 to 48 hours afterwards. Then it can be unmolded, cut, placed on drying racks to dry and cure for nearly 4 to 6 weeks (sometimes longer, depending on the recipe). After it's ready, it gets cleaned up (smoothed out), labels created, packaged by hand, placed in a safe spot for products to wait for a new home. That's a lot of time that goes by! 
    • Big Store Soaps uses machines to crank out soaps, I don't. These Big Store Soaps use machines to pump out hundreds and hundreds of soap a day. Where they make hundreds, I can only produce maybe 1 to 2 loaves of soap a day, at best. That means I can make anywhere 10 to 20 bars of soap that I have to fit in such a small space and not a giant warehouse.

So, after a long and maybe lengthy list... it really can keep going. There are a lot of differences that actually factor in the price. While I want to always be able to offer you something that is both attractive financially and physically, sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. It's not until people actually really look into what they're currently using that people know the value of a true handcrafted, made from scratch, wholesome soap. 

A lot of people may not even realize that the soap bar they might have been buying from the Big Store Soap is a cleaning detergent. That that soap has been stripped of it's skin loving properties, and left with a hunk that can bubble and harshly cleanse their skin.

Let me explain...

First, I'll ask you this question: Have you ever noticed that you tend to need lotion more when you use a Big Store Soap? Ever wonder why? Well, I'll tell you.

They go through a process to actually remove the naturally occurring glycerin in their soap and turn around and use it in other things like lotions and creams. They profit off of you coming - and - going. That's the game of these Big Store Soap companies, rather than sell you with quality they dupe you into thinking you're getting 'soap' at a great price (for example, say a 6 pack of soap for about $5.00 or so). You use it and your skin gets dried out, you buy a bottle of lotion for $4.00 - $5.00. You buy the face cream that helps to moisturize your face at another $10.00, and the toner and facial cleansers at $8.00. Look at how fast that adds up because what they sell you isn't soap. By the time you're done, they've already made out like bandits from profiting from you.

So now, we come back to our original dilemma: why is your soap so expensive?

So knowing what you know now about these Big Store Soaps... Why should I have to contend and keep pleading with you to understand? You may very well be so content on spending $4.00 even $5.00 or better on your cup of coffee, or a good $6.00 for a few pieces of those things that Big Companies call soap, but you don't want to spend this much for a good wholesome, handcrafted piece of soap that won't dry your skin out?

While you buy their Big Store Soaps, you're sitting there and paying for their third mansion on some remote island. What about if you buy from us? Well, we're a family owned and operated business - we have bills just as you do. You're helping to put food on the table for our children and a roof over their heads. You're supporting a small business that tries to deliver to it's community, day in and day out. We want you to know that if you do decide to make the switch and try it, you won't be disappointed.

 In short, purchase that Big Store soap if you want. But you truly deserve quality, handmade and beautiful soap to tend to your skin's needs. Sure, you can buy a big store's soap for a buck. It'll clean your hands fine. Don't forget the $12.00 bottle of lotion afterwards; remember, it's your choice.

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